TURKAcafe & confectionery



    package design

The task was to create a logo for two areas of business - a cafe and cake production. The name is the same for the "TURKA" brand, but the signature under the logo differs depending on the direction.

The style was chosen to be classic, modern and sophisticated. A rather massive font in which the letters U and R are drawn with a smooth transition into one another. The letter U creates a separate logo mark and is a complete graphic element that can be used both with the name and on its own. It reflects the abstract symbol of a Turk and a cup, and is also associated with the words: you and your. It combines the brand's history and modernity and brings it closer to the customer.

The branding for the cafe is more restrained, although the pink color adds its gentle creative mood. And the branding for production, at the request of the owners, is more playful thanks to the additional font in the "bakery" signature. This font itself is unique and unusual, a little creamy.