LOVA LOVAstore & salon




    interior design

The brand has over 8 stores in Ukraine. The main products are decorative cosmetics and skincare products + salons. The stores are oriented towards a very diverse audience with different income levels. Therefore, a stylistic approach with warm pink colors was chosen, which attracts and entices with a delicate touch. We added a golden hue and modern sophistication to the stylistics. The task was to rebrand the brand to update its image and add modernity to the company's face. Refresh the brand and provide a bright, attractive communication strategy.
We created a logo with a modern classic font and a beautifully drawn heart. The updated heart symbolizes love for oneself and beauty, maintaining its place in the brand for many years.
The project was a collaboration between the Branding Studio MOON and the Interior Studio "YUKO". We are proud of the project! It's gratifying to see the realization in life, especially when the painted picture so accurately reflects reality ♡