ай! самса




    outdoor advertising

The task was to create a logo and branding for the "Ай Самса" street food brand. The style should be modern and highly visible on city streets.

A logo was developed using a modern Ukrainian font, easy to read, yet the minimalist design was complemented with a cartoonish branding style featuring illustrations. The sign was illustrated in the shape of a samosa as it is prepared in the establishment. Cartoonish hands accompany the pastry, reaching and holding the food in a delightful manner. The logo is diverse due to the storyline created by the illustrations.

The brand colors were chosen to be vibrant and appetizing. The green shade resembles olives, while the light yellow is calm and gentle, reminiscent of the sour cream sauce served in the cafe. Black adds contrast and plays a significant role in the branding. The orange, a bright and hot shade, serves as an attention-grabbing accent for passersby.