marketing strategy




Our Team was tasked with creating a brand and marketing strategy for the launch of a spa center business offering Ayurvedic massage and psychological counseling services.

Our work began with analyzing the target audience and market competitors in Poland, as well as defining the branding strategy - determining how the brand should be perceived. The marketing strategy, the second stage of our collaboration, included developing a promotion plan, integrating advertising strategies, working with bloggers, creating a posting plan, and positioning in social media, as well as promoting on platforms like booksy and Google Maps, pricing, and implementing a loyalty system. Additionally, our Team took on the responsibility of interior design. A specialist selected furniture that matched the brand's style and colors.

The logo and branding were created with an atmosphere of elegance, sophistication, and trust in the center's specialists. A strong, serious font instills confidence and trust in the brand. The logo features a golden sun with 12 rays and the "OM" symbol, representing strength and providing energy and health to the body.

The next stage involved creating the website: planning, designing, selecting photographs, working with copywriters, programming, and setup.

We collaborate continuously on creating advertisements and providing marketing support.