Beauty BEEsalon



    social strategy


Rebranding for the beauty salon "Beauty BEE." The decision was to retain the name and the bee imagery. However, the brand positioning has been significantly shifted to a more detailed target segment - beautiful adult women who love themselves and value high-quality beauty services.

The chosen colors are marsala red, soft beige, and light gold. This palette allows for vibrant and luxurious color play. The rich red is the primary accent color used in branding and AI-generated images. The proposed photos and banners are very vivid, featuring trendy uses of artificial intelligence. The branding strategy is built around positioning as a trendy, high-end, sexy beauty and fashion brand, which acts as a stylist and community for "special" girls - the BEE club. We also suggested creative messages through advertising banners and the idea of a refreshed flyer about manicure trends, turning it into a collage on the salon wall with various content options.

The logo was developed with the idea of merging the letter B and a bee into a single abstract element. The logo and branding unequivocally convey its sexuality: I am a mature, beautiful, confident woman. This is a case where we sell emotions and the desire to be like the girl who is a regular client of the "Beauty BEE" salon. The brand is about the desire to "BEE." The fonts are rounded and feminine, and the branding design adds a retro style from the 90s-00s that is so appealing to millennials.