Café Pariscafe and bistro



    menu desing



The task was to create a logo and branding for the French bistro "Café Paris."
The logo's style was chosen to be modern, trendy, and creative, making it noticeable on city streets. The logo is crafted with a simple French font but with a soft handwritten style. The cursive text adds a handmade effect and conveys the brand's family history. Additionally, a symbol was created - a hand gesture, reflecting the word "magnifique" - expressing uniqueness and exceptional value.
Illustrations accompanying the logo evoke our perception of the taste of French cuisine and handmade pastries. Images of French bread, croissants, and hot aromatic coffee are associated with a French breakfast.
The color palette of the branding is based on the French flag. White symbolizes the color of kings, while blue and red represent the colors of the city of Paris. The shades are chosen to be more modern and sophisticated. The primary color is bright blue, designed to easily catch the attention of the city's residents and its guests. Background colors have also been added: latte (beige) and ice (light blue).